Transitive Sentences

Ok, here’s a quick rundown of what transitive verbs are. Remember that verbs carry action. Intransitive verbs do not transfer the action to an object. However, transitive verbs do. Take the English verbs ‘help,’ ‘eat,’ and ‘see.’

‘Ted helped Barney and Robin.’

‘Marshall ate a three pancakes.’

‘Lily sees a picture.’

Ted-gum ikayuġaa Barney-lu Robin-lu.

Marshall-gum niġigai silaavyak piŋasut.

Lily-m qiñiġaa qiñiġaaq.

In order to create transitive sentences, you need a minimum of three ingredients: a transitive verb, a relative noun, and a direct object. Follow the links to learn how to create a transitive sentence.

2.1.1 transitive verb

2.1.2 relative noun

2.1.3 direct object