Module 1

Welcome to Module 1!

Whether you are an Iñupiat language teacher or a language learner, consider using this and the subsequent modules as a structure for teaching and learning.

In this unit, you will be covering the basics of Iñupiat words and you will begin to construct your own sentences. This is your first big step towards speaking Iñupiat! In these lessons, you be exposed to some linguistics terminology that may seem confusing at first. Do not be discouraged! This terminology is meant help you keep these grammatical concepts organized in your mind. If you are using The North Slope Iñupiaq Grammar, the terminology will also help you to work in tandem with this book.

Ki! Let’s get started! The following topics are covered in this Module.

1.1 Achagat: The Iñupiat Alphabet

1.2  Changing Sounds: Assimilation and Palatalization

1.3  Postbases

1.4  Intransitive Verbs

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